CBC is too expensive, Narok governor Ntutu tells CBC taskforce

By Obegi Malack and Nancy Masit

Narok County governor Patrick ole Ntutu has said Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is too expensive to implement.

The governor who was presenting views on CBC to Presidential taskforce on Education Reforms at Ole Tipis Girls said materials needed during learning are expensive and cannot be found easily.

Ntutu pointed out that learners’ talents should be identified earlier so that they can study what they want to be in future and employ themselves through the skills acquired.

Masikonte primary school teacher Maria Tunda said that the CBC has myriad of challenges which include long hours of learning, lack of teaching tools, learning environment not conducive, uploading assessment is also costly for the teachers hence they need a laptop and internet to be installed in every school especially rural area.

The taskforce on Education Reforms will be in Kajiado County on Friday 11, November, to collect views through public engagement from various stakeholders and members of the public.

The team will be at Umma University, Kajiado Campus, the hearings will be from 8am to 4pm.

The stakeholders have been called on to attend the meeting physical and prepare their written and oral submissions.

The 42-member committee was constituted by president William Ruto to assess the education reforms in the country including the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The public is invited to give their views and recommendations on the education reforms by attending the meetings physical or sending their recommendations to the taskforce via email to secretariat@educationreforms.go.ke , up to 18th November 2022

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