Book to address drug abuse among youth

Use of drugs and other substances abuse are serious issues that should not be ignored. If left unresolved, use and abuse can develop into serious dependence.

A new book: “The DAWN of REALITY 1”, helps to understand the dangers of long-term use of drugs on your body and how to deal with the matter.

The book by Dr Sekundu Morgan is a well-researched publication with the major objective of reducing use of drugs and other substances abuse. It is written in drama form with the aim of entertaining and educating the community especially the youth on alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. The structure of the book is easy to read and brings members of the society together by providing entertain­ment while highlighting and informing on the challenges faced by the society and how drugs act as a way out while in the actual sense one gets hooked and dependent on them, the cons of engaging in drugs and substances abuse, the effects on an individual, family and the soci­ety at large and how to deal with the vice.

DAWN of REALITY 1 has been approved and recommended by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) for guid­ance and counseling for schools and com­munities, the Ministry of Education as a class reader for schools.

It has also been recommended by NA­CADA, Nascop and NACC as an Anti- HIV and AIDS, alcohol, drugs and substance abuse information, education and communication (IEC) materials, teachers, counselors, parents and drama for youth education, sensitization through theatre, TV plays, theatre to the com­munity, youth learning institutions for high schools, tertiary institutions and colleges.

The Ministry of Education has also found it worthy to institutions dealing with pandem­ics.

Liverpool VCT recommends the book for guidance and counseling for persons of all age groups, Barclays Bank for customers, staff, and communities and Christ Is the Answer Ministry as good for reference and class reader.

There are also many rec­ommendations from differ­ent private and secondary schools, such as Alliance Girls High School, Upper Hill High School, Lenana School – Eng­lish department, Nairobi Acad­emy Secondary School, Serare School and St Christophers Secondary School.

The Kenya police, KWS, NYS, CDC, ADB, Plan Inter­national, among many other reputable institutions have purchased the play books and branded the covers with their logos, colours, insignias, vi­sion and mission statement for distribution to schools and communities at large.

Copies of the book can be found at Text Book Centre and Savanis bookshop.

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One thought on “Book to address drug abuse among youth

  1. I wish to meet Dr. Sekundu Morgan the author of DAWN of REALITY 1. As an institute we are glad to act this book. Please Dr. Sekundu get back to me once this information reach you.
    Am Maureen Ochieng executive Director Healing hearts Counseling centre and Training Institute in malind-Kilifi county.
    Thank you

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