15 sheep killed by a water tanker in Kitengela

By Abdi Hussein

There was drama at Yukos area of Kitengela recently after a speeding water bowser killed 15 sheep that were crossing the busy Nairobi- Namanga road  to the chagrin of herds men who arrived at the scene in numbers.

Word went like Bush fire that sheep had been killed in an accident and herdsmen from as far as Isinya town thronged the scene in high numbers eager to take law into their hands.

The water bowser lorry was heading towards Kitengela from the Isinya direction when it ran over  into the herd killing 15 animals  on the spot.

According to an eye witness, another motorist had slowed down to allow the herd cross but he tanker overlapped ramming into the sheep. 

“The driver was speeding.He might have applied brakes to no avail.In a twinkle of an eye 15 sheep were strewn all over the road dead.The driver escaped immediately ,”said an eyewitness.

The herdsman who was looking after the sheep escaped death by a whisker as he was across the road when the accident occurred. 

Motorists who witnessed the accident blamed the lorry driver for reckless driving saying despite other vehicles slowing down to allow the sheep cross, he resorted to ramming into the sheep.

Protesting residents gathered around the area of the accident demanding justice for the sheep owner. 

“We want a double compensation for each sheep killed.Motorists ought to know that Kajiado county is a pastoralist region.Its  common for livestock to cross roads all over,” said John Sepekwa in a protest.

It took the intervention of Kitengela traffic police officers who promptly responded to save the life of the driver who was held by locals as a surging crowd threatened to burn the lorry into ashes.

The late afternoon incident prompted a heavy traffic snarl up along Namanga road for two hours.

A bitter argument ensued on the criteria of payment of the sheep given at least seven of them were expectant. 

Some locals argued that the expectant sheep ought to be paid as two and paid at least five times the market price of a goat since the owner had not planned to sell them. 

Angry locals said the loss has occurred when pastoralists are going through tough times due to drought. Currently a sheep is selling at between Ksh5,000 and 6,000.

“The killed herd is a fraction of animals that have survived the looming drought.It is very painful for the herder considering it back to school werk.We urge motorists to coution motorists,” said Mr John Memusi, herder.

On the other hand some motorists have expressed displeasure of some farmers herding cattle and sheep along the road saying there are no road sign posts indicating presence of livestock crossing the road.

Residents now want all road users to be more careful while on the road to avert evitable accidents involving livestock.

Incidences of hit and run vehicles running into livestock  along the Nairobi Namanga are rampant .

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