Youth urged to shun crime

By Obegi Malack

Kajiado North youths have been urged to shun crime and instead involve themselves inconstructive activities. ‘Crime Si Poa’ Initiative founder, Raphael Onono noted that youths, especiallyfrom slums have been engaging in criminal activities due to lack of guidance by mentors.

Speaking during a football match organized by the initiative in Nakeel grounds in Nkaimurunya Ward, Ononosaid they have been sensitizing the youth on effects of  crime and benefits that comewith education.

“The only solution to crime is to talk to the youths directly, eliminating them will not help,” he added.

He said that support from local administrators, community and security agents who were present has made the initiative to succeed. He said there had been a remarkable decrease in crime in the area over the years.

In the past, Kware slum in Nkaimurunya Ward and Mathare in Ngong had been the most crime prone areas

where more than 50 youths aged between15 and 25 years and suspected of engaging in crime had been gunned down

The match was graced by Abdi Salam aspirant for Rongai Ward MCA seat who donated food stuff to less fortunate children in the area. Also present were Jacob Okumu and James Waisha also both eyeing Nkaimurunya Ward MCA slot.

Okumu pledged to help young people in the area through an Non-Governmental Organization by organizing educational seminars to encourage them nurture their talents. Youth urged to shun crime

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