Child Protection week marked in Narok County

By Nancy Masit

World vision celebrated child protection week at Enkutoto Primary School in Naarosura/ Majimoto ward in Narok South Sub County.

World Vision project officer   Blaise Milimu said that it’s the mandate of parents to take care of their children and pointed out they have been in Narok South for 10 years and some parents are still adamant in letting their children to go to school.

Blaise told said parents should be reported to police if they are mistreated and denied education.

He cautioned the community against child abuse and urged them to be champions in stopping children violence and that they should know that children are property of the government.

Kevin Ruttoh who is the Narok South Sub County children’s Officer said the constitution of Kenya protects children, they have a right to parental care, education and health care.

Protection from: child labor, armed conflict, abuse, harmful cultural practices, drugs and substance abuse and if parents don’t comply you will be arrested and jailed for 60 years.

Assistant county commissioner Evans Kimani warned the Maasai parents against giving out the school going girls to be married at an early and tender age.

He added that the dreams of a child are cut off once they get pregnant or married at an early age.

Naroosura chief Inspector Samson Maluki said that children should also be time conscious and should not stay outside up to late hours as this may endanger their lives.

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