Women call for dissolution of parliament

NWSC officials led by Kajiado County coordinator Elizabeth Kaguta 2nd r in a press conference, they demanded for dissolution of parliament .Photo By Obegi Malack

By Obegi Malack


The National Women Steering Committee (NWSC) has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve parliament because of its failure to implement the two-thirds gender rule.

They said parliament was not playing its oversight role and should therefore be disbanded because they have no confidence that it legislate for women to take leadership positions.

“We are concerned by the lack of focus from the country’s entire political leadership on critical issues facing Kenyans today,” they sad in a press statement.

The NWSC officials led by Kajiado County coordinator Elizabeth Kaguta, Everline Monirei (Kajiado West), Susan Montet (Kajiado East) and Peninah Karume (Kajiado North)  also accused the government of irresponsible non priority spending leading to a huge debt.

The women claimed the government is planning to raise taxes which will not solve issues of huge public debt that was standing at a whopping seven trillion as of June 2020.

They noted that women and vulnerable groups bear the greatest burden of the state’s failure to deliver basic social-economic services.

Montet said they have recommended the president to give proposals on how to solve debt crisis issues.

“Establish a national reform agenda and separate execution from oversight, put in place measures that promote productivity of the people, allow external forensic audit and make public the findings,” they urged.

They also recommended that the president develops a plan for debt suspension and have a plan for payment.

 They called on Kenyans to join the movement to push for the key recommendations to address issues facing them.

Before he left office former Chief Justice David Maraga had also advised president Uhuru to dissolve parliament for failing to enact the legislation on gender.

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