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Why Lenku must conduct forensic audit of all projects

By Phillip S Wuantai.

It’s almost 100 days since H.E Joseph J. ole Lenku took over as the CEO Kajiado County. You have been receiving congratulatory messages which are well earned and deserved. I want you to know that the honeymoon period is fast drawing to an end.
With a very low rating for creating a perception of failure while at the helm as C.S. Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government, Lenku is yet again faced with a daunting task of steering Kajiado County through challenging but equally optimistic times.
I know the Governor has taken a few political decisions which indeed are rational, given the fine balance he must strike to to achieve his goals. However, the following points must underpin his decisions:
1. He must be strictly brutal about attainment of the County’s desired results.
2. He must be very firm but fair.
3. He must never lose track of political goals.
Lenku must note that we the residents are frustrated with the things that aren’t working that should be working. We want him to note that these problems are from inside rather than outside, and this should frustrate him a lot.
Kajiado county Treasury for example in the previous regime had been turned into a cash cow by cartels operating within the system. Value for money was long ago thrown out of the window in matters public procurement. Purported projects became merciless conduits for siphoning money from the county to individual pockets. This practice is carefully but systematically crafted by insiders of a regime whose name was synonymous to plunder.
Your Excellency, you must make people accountable for what we know is happening. The people of Kajiado did not hire you to be popular; rather they hired you to be efficient. You must seriously, meticulously but aggressively reorganize your Treasury i.e. Revenue collection unit, IFMIS unit, Procurement unit and Internal audit. Be brutal with your demand for highest of service standards, tangible results and strict adherence to the PFM Act 2012.
Kajiado County should be able to net Sh1.2 billion annually in collections from local revenue sources. This coupled with approximately Sh5 billion from equitable receipts from the National Government Treasury should transform Kajiado into a model county. With approximately Sh6.5 billion annually I don’t see why we will not realise the miracle of devolution in our county.
In the past, the Office of Auditor General had been declaring as pathetic the books of Accounts and Financial Statements of the county.
Forensic audit
I’m aware that the usual cartels are slowly creeping back into the nerve center of your regime. You cannot let us down by allowing this to happen. It’s incumbent upon you to commission a serious in-depth forensic audit on projects undertaken and crosscheck thoroughly pending bills before you commit to pay them. Lifestyle audits should be a very serious undertaking by your regime. Your members of staff must be in a position to account for every coin they make. Failure to arrest the internal rot of theft and impropriety will soon sink Kajiado further into the abyss of poverty and deprivation.
I believe that the easiest county to manage is Kajiado because though you are the second governor, there is no good record to break set by your predecessor. You can only destroy the set record of alleged theft, embezzlement, ineptitude and manifest clannism. Over to you; all the best.
Wuantai is a Certified Public
Accountant and a businessman in Nairobi.

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