What Lenku should do to sustain investment

By B.W Young Natembeya

Governor Joseph ole Lenku seems set to retain his seat come next electoral term and thus govern Kajiado for 10 years.
The game here is to choose a strategy in trying to solve long term problems of Kajiado County, but he has to look much deeper in what has made Kajiado County not to be on the top list, though it is a region rich with vast land and cement mining.
The County hosts all the ethnic tribes in Kenya and also has a high number of residents from outside the country who have also invested here.
Kajiado County is no longer a confined Maasai zone but a bedroom for many Kenyans and other internationals like the Whites, Asians, Somalis, Chinese among others.
Investments here, in terms of businesses which include the big industries like Sigma feeds plant, Cement and tile factories are mostly run by the outsiders who covers almost 60 per cent of the businesses in Namanga, Kajiado town, Isinya, Ongata Rongai, Kiserian and Ngong. This gives the Governor a big task to unite the people in the county.
The big question is; what are the strategies that Governor Lenku will employ to stay in power for the next 10 years? The strategies though very simple need calculations and vision. Here is what the Governor needs to do.
Strategy No 1
Maasais income is generated by keeping livestock and sale of land . Masai lose a lot of livestock during the dry season. If he can only end the dying of animals during the dry season, and create projects that can sustain Maasais livestock during the dry season, then he will have scored big.
The Maasai, many of them have vast of land , but due to stress they sell it to outsiders. If Lenku can come up with projects through co-operatives and find suitable crops that can be planted and generate income for the Masaais, then he will score big here.
Strategy No 2
He has to find a way of uniting all the people of Kajiado County as Kajiado is no longer a Masaai zone. Job opportunities should be equal as the cosmopolitan ratio. When you walk into an office, you should hear English and Swahili communication but not unknown dialects to some people.
Strategy 3
Create a tourist strategy team to market tourism in the county and headed by a stakeholder as chairman i.e to market the tourism attraction sites in Kenya and outside Kenya. There are some Kenyans from other counties who do not know where Kajiado is or what Kajiado offers, let them know through the marketing strategy.
Strategy 4
End the double land allocation, let land be strictly be your officeโ€™s problem. Deal with the double allocator accordingly plus their accomplices.
Strategy 5
Ensure the planners can beautify the small towns with quality system bus stages and expand feeder roads in the community estates. Let every four town centres have a recreation area for picnics and rest just like Uhuru Park in Nairobi. Thereโ€™s none in Kajiado County.
Strategy 6
Deal with the nonsense of cowboy road contractors that have harvest money from the County every rain season in pretence that they are re-carpeting roads.
Strategy 7
The youth who are the biggest voters during election, find projects that they can participate in getting little income instead of being idle.
Strategy 8
Let the active past politicians whether councillors or MPS serving be given something to do e.g for all the industries which are within Kajiado, let them be appointed to the boards for easy running of the counties.
Creation of income is the creation of many properties, be the person to make history.

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