Urban residents want more villages created in proposed Bill

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado County cosmopolitan region residents in Kitengela and Kajiado North Sub County are demanding that the county assembly of Kajiado should create more villages in the region.

The residents said  the draft of The Kajiado County Villages Delineation Bill, 2021 does not factor in population of the urban areas when coming up with village administrations.

The bill seeks to create village council which will be chaired by a village administrator; there will be board members who will be village elders.

The bill indicated that there will be establishment of 102 villages for proper co-ordination and facilitation of citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services.

The urban towns wards had few villages compared to the rural and residents demanded that the MCAs amend the bill to ensure there is creation of more villages.

Olkeri ward resident Susanne Lochess said the MCAs must ensure the bill is amended as proposed by residents. She said most bills are presented to the public for formality and amendments are never done.

Nkaimurunya MCA James Waisha said the bill was brought to public for discussion and assured them that amendment will be done. He said sub locations should be used in coming up with villages in his ward.

The MCA said his ward should get more than nine villages; it had two villages in the draft.

The bill proposes not less than three and not more than five Village Elders competitively appointed by the Village Administrator with the approval of the County Assembly, taking into account gender balance and people with disabilities. A proposal to add the appointment will be done in consultation with relevant stakeholders within the village.

The Village Council will be paid allowances determined by the County Assembly and indicated in the Third Schedule.

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