UDA Party now controls Kajiado Assembly, all eyes now on CECM positions

By Obegi Malack


UDA Party has again taken over major seats in Kajiado County Assembly after general elections that saw the party command majority elected MCAs.

In the first term governor Joseph ole Lenku’s party Jubilee had majority MCAs.

UDA now commands majority MCAs it has thirteen elected MCAs, ODM has eight, Wiper and Jubilee which are in Azimio la Umoja have two each.

UDA has additional MCAs seven nominated MCAs, while ODM has five, Jubilee has two and Wiper one seat. One UDA MCA is yet to be nominated and sworn in.

The party won speaker’s position and deputy speaker position. Former Ewuaso Kedong MCA Justus Ngossor was elected with 26 votes Koini Lompo had 14 votes in the second round, in the first round Ngossor got 25 votes while Lompo had 15 votes.

Daniel Kukan Memusi MCA Imaroro (UDA) was elected deputy speaker after garnered 28 votes his competitor Joseph Mutunkei MCA Ildamat (Jubilee) had 12 votes.

After his win Ngossor said he will work for every party and every electorate but will ensure the county government is run according to the constitution.

The speaker in his speech said that he will support the County Assembly so that the quality of oversight is above board.

“Oversight will be exercised while respecting the cardinal constitutional law principle of separation of powers to ensure that the executive is left to perform its functions without interference from the assembly but legally held accountable for actions or omissions as required by law,” he said.

 He called on MCAs to ensure that the legislation passed in the assembly will be of value to the electorates.

Ngossor will now take home sh 525,525 gross salary, this is according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission(SRC) his deputy will earn a gross salary of Sh 216,563 while MCAs will pocket sh 144,375 , the speaker also gets sh 80,000 for house allowance.

The election of Ngossur is ablow to governor Lenku who had supported Lombo.

Speaker Ngussur has been opposing governor Lenku during the campaigns he said governor is a nonperformer and relationship with the assembly was deplorable and he had even wanted to oust former Speaker Johnson Osoi.

The speaker had said the governor did not win elections free and fair, the UDA party had already launched a petition on his win.

After the win governor Lenku congratulated speaker Ngossur and MCA Kukan for their win.

“It is a fresh start for the third cycle of the County Government of Kajiado and I look forward for a robust working relationship between the Executive and the County Assembly,” he said

He added that the cooperation between the Second Assembly and the executive achieved a lot through enactment of various legislations.

The governor enjoyed majority support in the assembly in his first term. He also had support from Senator and women representative.

This time round senator Samuel Seki and women representative Leah Sankaire who were his employee snubbed his swearing in ceremony.

During former governor David Nkedianye’s tenure, he had few MCAs from ODM party and TNA had majority there were battles in the entire tenure, apart from parties clan politics plays major role in the county assembly. In his term the MCAs had rejected the County Executive Officers (CECs) he had to negotiate with them to avoid the stagnation.

The Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) are mainly charged with legislation, representation, and oversight Read.

All eyes are now on the governor on who will be nominated as CECs and other top officials, the MCAs plays key role in the appointment, they can dismiss the officials or approve them.

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