Tumaini Supermarket celebrate African Child Day in Ngamwanza Children’s Home

By Balozi Mwambire and Obegi Malack

The International Day of the African Child is a special day to celebrate children especially the less fortunate in society. This day is usually marked on 16th June every year and celebrated across the globe.

Marking this day Rongai Tumaini Supermarket staff visited Ngamwanza children’s home in Rongai Kajiado North. The supermarket donated foodstuff to celebrate the day.

It was an interactive event with children entertaining the guests and you could see smiles from them which were inspiring and showing the outmost satisfaction through singing and dancing.

This children’s home which was founded by Lydia Kinyua back in 2009 starting off with only 5 children has produced great people in society from children who were neglected.

Ngamwanza Children’s Home modeling team during International Day of the African Child celebrations. Photo By Balozi Mwambire

The school provides meals in the morning as soon as children arrive from their homes followed by classes and the whole learning process then lunch is provided and they are given the evening tea or porridge before they leave for their homes as directed by the government.

Speaking at the event Tumaini manager Peter Mwangi said it was important to appreciate and celebrate the African child and that it was his happiness to play and interact with the Children.

“These are our children and we are happy to have them, whatever happened for them to be here is God’s will and we cannot question it but rather hold it dear. I would like to thank the managing staff of Ngamwanza and pray that you keep up the good job. I am filling a report and may God help me so that the boards of directors accept my request of supplying these wonderful children with breakfast every day from our supermarket,” he said. The supermarket also supported the home on January this year.

Lydia was happy to receive the well-wishers who promised to aid with computers and books in the coming years in support of the generosity of the institution.

“When I started this I never knew it could be great, I faced many challenges both internal and external but my will and urge to help the less fortunate was stronger than all negative energy thrown at me, it is with this passion that my own daughter decided to take law and become a children’s attorney.My happiness seeing these children smiles in the morning and leave here smiling in the evening.” She added.

The childrens home routinely takes in children who are very young and educates them to class three then take them to public schools from class four of which reports indicate how good they are in those classes.


“Giving to the community is not about being rich, I am not rich. It’s about your intention; God opens all the ways if you are true to your course. I thank God for Mwangi who has always helped us whenever we needed help, that is the spirit of humility and we pray that you become successful.” Lydia explained.

Youth leader Moses Kamalik said children are still not in school for one reason or the other, girls are missing class lessons during particular times of the month and some cannot afford sanitary towels. Along with Tumaini team were Marymila Awiti Mormich Executive Director and youth Kilimo Ruto

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