The Maasai Mara Legend, Scarface the Lion dies

Scarface the Lion.

By Obegi Malack

Famous Maasai Mara lion Scarface has died.

Scarface took his last breath on Friday at 1 pm local time, ending his 13 year reign in the game reserve in Narok County.

The Maasai Mara legend died of natural causes, the death was witnessed by Mara Predator Conservation Programme who have been following him after he was reported struggling to survive.

He had been spotted on Tuesday far from his pride, on the bank of the Olare Orok River in the Kaboso in Mara tired guarding a dead Hippo.

Scarface was born in 2008 in Ol Kiombo pride and he along with his three brothers Hunter, Sikio, and Morani were fathered by three males Cheza,Junior and Sala who took over the Ol Kiombo Pride in 2007.

Scarface the Lion carcass Photo by Saitoti MPCP

The Lion was famous among lion lovers and photographers it earned his name in 2012 when he lost his right eyelid while making a territory grab with his three brothers which they succeeded, and expanding their territories.

He was badly injured but conservancy vets treated him and come back into normal life.

He has been featured in many documentaries among them a documentary made by BBC on Marsh Pride which was featured in Big Cats Diary.

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