Stop firing workers, MCAs tell EAPCC boss

By Kurgat Marindany

Kajiado MCAs have told East African Portland Cement to rescind its decision to retrench workers or else it stops its operations in the county.
They are Henry Kimiti (Poka/Kenyewa), Joshua Olowuasa (Kaputiei North), Dickson Nkaloyo (Matapato North) and Francis Kaesha (Oloosirkon) who said the company gets raw materials from their wards.
Olowuasa, in a statement he read, said the three other leaders with him are concerned that casual workers from their wards have been ‘targeted’ in the ongoing retrenchment at the company.
EAPCC said recently it had sent out 120 letters to the targeted workers, with other claims from within saying that before the latest letters, some 200 workers had earlier received their letters.
But a spokesman said the company has retrenched 320 staff recently in an exercise which is said to target 180 more before end of June.
Insiders say those being targeted are those whose retirement period is about to lapse, those with pending disciplinary cases and a big number serving in contract arrangement.
A senior manager, who chose anonymity, said it is true the company is doing dismally in business and is unable to handle a large size of workforce without taking that direction.

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