SMEs embrace digital marketing for higher profits

By Andrew Walyaula

 The vast growth oftechnology has positively affected the business sector. Many entrepreneurs are using technology to reach their customers instead of depending on the traditional mode where clients directly visit the shop.

Philip Saitoti, a Business man and ICT expert at Kitengela, observes that online marketing is limitless.

“The sphere gives unlimited opportunities for trading, unlike the traditional method which may be confined to particular range,” Saitoti says.

Saitoti owns a boutique, a hotel, a liquor shop and a mpesa outlet in town.

“Apart from Google, there are social media platforms such as Facebook, which can be optimized to reach many people for purposes of trade,” he adds.

He revealed that entrepreneurs with Facebook pages and websites can pay for them to reach more customers.

‘When you pay for a page or website, your products will be seen by people who frequently search for them because the search engine will notify them and pop your products to them,’ he explained.

 His knowledge in ICT has enabled him to grasp countless customers through google.

He stressed on the power of online trading by giving the example of Jeff Bezoz, the CEO of Amazon, who made lots of profits in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Bezoz provides a platform that unites buyers and sellers. The richest people sit in between sellers and buyers,” Saitoti notes.

The amazon website allows businesspersons to sell their products on the platform, but demands

a fee of not less than Shs 100. In Kenya, there are leading selling websites such as Jumia and Glovo.

Saitoti further added that what makes his online business successful is legitimacy since he deploys the basic concept of one getting what they see so as to gain the trust of customers.

Owners of online businesses also use the influence of celebrities to market their products.

 Joseph Kinyanjui is a business man at Kitengela who deals with vegetables and cereals.

He revealed that through his smartphone, he has connected with lot of customers.

‘I mostly use Whatsapp to connect with my customers,” Kinyanjui says.

Messaging apps such as Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp are growing rapidly due to most of the population including SMEs owners embracing technology.

Kinyanjui attested that Whatsapp enables one to easily send photos to a larger population while Facebook provides platforms for the formation of pages which can be used to advertise commodities and services.

‘Buying bundles for internet use is also affordable compared to buying SMS bundles,’ he added.

Kinyanjui adds that despite being new to technology, he can feel its impact on his business.

 ‘I also use the online platforms to connect to producers through whom I acquire products,’ he said.

Saitoti and Kinyanjui are among the traders who enjoy the benefit of selling products online and physically in shops. They both called on SMEs to invest in technology so as to generate more profit.

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