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Sensitize residents on solid waste in Kajiado County

By Ann Kamau
Solid Waste Management
(SWM) generally applies
to functions of collection,
transfer, treatment, recycling,
resource recovery and disposal
of municipal solid waste. Major
sources of this solid waste are
households, commercial and institutional
establishments and
non-hazardous solid waste from
Ngong town, like other fast
growing towns outside Nairobi
has a dumpsite whose capacity is
increasing due to the rapid population
growth, possible changing
consumption patterns, and
economic growth among other
reasons. Waste is collected from
areas as far as Karen and Rongai
by privately-owned waste collection
Due to its proximity to
residential areas, it is already
a breeding ground for diseasespreading
vectors, posing a risk
to public health especially during
the rainy season as the floods
combine with sewage from the
dumpsite. A number of initiatives
have been done by local
self-help groups to combat the
challenges of the dumpsite such
as to promote waste segregation,
recover, recycle, reduce pollution
and enhance community participation.
There is still a need to have
an integrated approach to improve
SWM within the town.
This includes ensuring that all the
stakeholders in SWM are well informed
of the need to apply effective
SWM strategies to protect
our environment. One way to do
this is to encourage and fully support
public awareness initiatives
such as separate, reduce, reuse
and recycle waste.
The local government is in
the process of establishing a legal
framework on SWM which is
a positive step toward effective
SWM. Any investments toward
SWM should be openly shared
with the stakeholders especially
the community so that there is
public ownership of the project
and thus full support.
The writer is Environmental
Africa Waste and Environment
Management Centre

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