Scramble for Kajiado County three proposed constituencies

Kajiado County former councilors Samwel Maina(r) and Ezekiel ole Mbene during a wedding ceremony of Ezekiel’s son Edwin Saruni on Saturday

By Our Reporter

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proposal to have three additional parliamentary seats in Kajiado County is turning into a major political issue in the county.

There is now a disagreement between rural and urban constituencies leaders even before the BBI referendum is held.

Kajiado County politician Samuel Maina now says there is a plan by some leaders to force cosmopolitan constituencies to cede some wards to rural constituencies. This he says will make them have little say in county leadership matters.

The former Ongata Rongai Councillor says the process is ill motivated and the distribution formula is arbitrary as it is not anchored on any formula.

“ The constituencies that should benefit are Kajiado North, West and East due to their population and size, cosmopolitan regions through the new constituencies will have bargaining power in the county which will lead to more development projects, if it is done the other way we will petition and cosmopolitan regions will be included in Nairobi County,’’ he said. He noted that cosmopolitan leaders must be involved in every process of boundary review since the cosmopolitan constituencies are biggest revenue contributors.

The politician says population should be the basis of giving out new constituencies. Drafters of the BBI bill considered county population as the basis of giving out 70 additional parliamentary seats.

He spoke against a document circulating on social media proposing the following Constituencies;

Keekonyokie Constituency to comprise (Current Keekonyokie Ward, Current Ewuaso Ward),Kajiado West Constituency.( Current Mosiro Ward, Current Magadi Ward, Current Loodokilani Ward),Oloililai Constituency,( Current Matapato South Ward, Matapato North Ward),Kajiado Central Constituency ( Current Purko Ward, Current Ildamat Ward,Current Dalalekutuk Ward),Kajiado South Constituency( Current Imbirikani Ward, Current Entonet Lenkisim Ward,  Current Kuku Ward, Current Kimana Ward, Current Rombo Ward)

The Kajiado East Constituency will comprise (Current Kenyawa Ward, Current Maroro Ward, Current Kaputie North Ward, Part of Current Kitengela Ward, Part of Current Sholinke Ward),Kajiado Urban Constituency ( Part of Current Kitengela Ward,  Part of Current Sholinke Ward, Current Rongai Ward, Part of Current Nkaimurunya Ward) Kajiado North Constituency( Part of Current Nkaimurunya Ward, Current Olkeri Ward, Current Ngong Ward, Current Oloolua  Ward).

Every constituency receives Sh100 million through the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) and employs a number of staff including constituents recruited into the police, the Defense Forces and Prisons among others

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