Sapit worried about increased rate of teenage pregnancy

By Bell Pere

The Archbishop and primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Jackson Nasoore Ole Sapit has described rising teenage pregnancies among students and pupils during the Covid-19 pandemic period as lamentable.

Speaking during a prayer and fasting event that was organised by the Narok County Government in liaison with Narok religious organisations, he said: ‘Our children are at home and we are really worried about them. Our daughters are at a greater risk of unplanned pregnancies, our sons too are not left behind, they too have been dragged into drugs and substance abuse.’’ Ole Sapit called upon parents and guardians, church leaders and other leaders to take their roles seriously to show their young ones right way to go. “I am not even sure how many of our kids will go back to their respectiveschools once schools resume,” he added.

He called upon the young generation to change their behaviour not to jeopardize their future. Other leaders who spoke at the event expressed concern that school-going children are in high numbers engaging in unscrupulous behavior including sexual immorality, drugs and substance abuse.

Speaking during the same function Narok County Governor Samuel Kuntai ole Tunai said that a big toll on the social and economic well-being of the county has been experienced and called upon the county residents to pray to God to be granted mercies.

‘’There must be a message God is communicating to the world, we have to pray enough to get this message,” he added.

Tunai reiterated the importance of prayers and said that the County government will continue to work with churches to forge a stronger relationship to address probmlems facing youth.. The event was also attended by Narok West MP Gabriel Tongoyo, among other leaders. 

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