‘Rogue’ PSV drivers arrested in Kitengela dawn swoop

By Kurgat Marindany

More than 100 public service vehicles were impounded in a major crackdown in Kitengela, Kajiado County, recently in a bid to bring sanity in transport sector.
Provincial administration police and county government inspectorate officers, in a joint operation led by trade CEC, Jackline Koin, arrested an equal number of drivers.
Koin said those arrested would later be handed over to police traffic, who will then charge them in court for various traffic offences, ranging from dropping and picking passengers in undesignated points to obstruction in the town.
“We will use our bylaws to charge every law breaker with picking passengers from undesignated areas which attracts a fine of Sh5, 000. The same drivers will then be handed over to traffic police, who will charge them with obstruction,” said the trade CEC member.
Most of those arrested were Tuk Tuk, Nissan matatus and passenger buses in a crackdown that began from 5am.
The officials blamed the unending road traffic jams in the town on “indiscipline” matatu drivers who stop at every undesignated point to pick passengers.
“We will also investigate allegations that some of the Tuk Tuk leaders of a Sacco are members of the outlawed Mungiki sect. We have information they have infiltrated the transport sector and are illegally demanding money from vehicle owners,” said Koin.
She said a high level security meeting held in Kajiado last week identified Kitengela as a haven for outlawed Mungiki sect members.
The minister made the remark one week after the Kajiado County Press unearthed a story of how officials of a Tuk Tuk sacco was demanding Sh80,000 from new entrants into the transport business.
She said the operation will be extended, and it will also crack down on all un-roadworthy transport trucks that park all over the town.
“We have information that criminals that mug people in the town hide in those lorries at night. We have now designated a new parking lot for all the trucks where we have also engaged watchmen who will be paid by the owners of the vehicles,” said Koin.
Governor Joseph Lenku in February ordered all the structures illegally erected on road reserves in Kitengela to be demolished.
Lenku had said at the time that some of the kioks erected on road reserves were havens for criminals.
After the demolition, it turned out that some of his officers had colluded with businessmen to put up the structures after paying colossal amounts of money.
Lenku fired a local ward administrator linked to the saga after investigations revealed the officer had actually collected “protection” money from the businessmen.

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