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A motorbike which was allegedly used by the suspects. Photo /Obegi Malack

Rising insecurity in Rongai worries residents

By Ajulu Michelle and
Obegi Malack

Security is slowly becoming a matter of concern to the Ongata Rongai community of late as residents who live in deserted places are forced to get home by 8.00pm or risk being attacked by a gang which comprises of young people of about eighteen years.
Caleb Outa, a resident of Ivetta road was attacked by a group of young boys on the 17th of December 2017 some minutes to 9.00pm.
He passed on a week later at the Kenyata National Hospital due to several injuries he sustained during the encounter.
His brother reported at the Ongata Rongai police station and was told investigations are ongoing.
Residents of Ivetta and Sironik Road who live far at the end of the river are complaining that over the years they have lived in fear because of the young boys constantly harassing them yet they go unpunished.
A shopkeeper, Wangi Stephen who owns a shop at the entrance of Sironik Road said thugs tried to break into his shop at night but they did not succeed. “I heard noises in the night and decided to wake up only to see hands trying to reach for my inner locks, upon realizing someone was inside they walked away,” narrates Mr. Wangi.
He says he did not report the matter to the police. He however says that it is worrying that people’s businesses are no longer safe at night. A resident of Rimpa area says he was attacked by a gang of about six people in when he was at a pub.
George Njeru says at first he tried fighting back only for his friends to whisper that they were armed police officers.
“They took my chain and two bottles of beer I had at the table then left. The incident left him devastated. If they were indeed cops, then I’m very disappointed because they are the same people who should protect the civilians.”
Another resident found his house broken into and and a few essentials stolen. He did not report the matter but rather is planning to move to a more secure area.
Residents are asking the police to be more vigilant.
Meanwhile, Ongata Rongai police killed three suspected robbers in Rimpa, Kajiado North in a botched robbery.
The three had tried to rob an Mpesa shop before being confronted by police.

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