Retired Bishop Taama receives Presidential award

By Our Correspondent

Retired Bishop Jeremiah Taama was among prominent Kenyans honoured by President Uhuru Kenyatta during this year’s Madaraka Day.

Rtd. Rev. Taama, who was the first Anglican Church of Kenya bishop in Kajiado, was conferred by President Kenyatta with Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (MBS).

Taama was ordained together with Bishop Alexander Muge in 1975. In February 2018, during a requiem mass for the late Herma Muge, he described her late husband cleric as an avid crusader for equity and social justice.

“He wanted everybody to be treated equally. He had a heart for the oppressed. Where there was injustice, he always went there despite threats to his life,” said bishop Tama.

The presidential award was given in recognition of his distinguished and outstanding services rendered to the nation especially in launching community projects across Kajiado County over the past several decades.

The precious award was presented to him by Kajiado County Commissioner (CC) Joshua Nkanatha on behalf of President Kenyatta during Madaraka Day celebrations held in Kajiado town.

Speaking after the ceremony, the Bishop thanked President Kenyatta and stated that he was honoured and humbled to have received the award.

Bishop Taama, who was succeeded by Bishop Gadiel Lenini, dedicated his award to the people of Kajiado County.

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