Qualifying for 3rd IWPG International Loving-Peace Art Competition Held

Children taking a group photo with their paintings at Loving-Peace Art Competition

By Obegi Malack


More than 75 elementary school students participated in the 3rd (International Women’s Peace Group) IWPG International Loving-Peace Art Competition, which took place under the theme of “Peace, let’s be friends!” for the first time this year in Kenya.

The IWPG International Loving-Peace Art Competition is designed to remind children and teenagers of the painful history of war and promote the end of war and peace culture.

The event was organized under the themes of peace, including; Cession of Global War, coexistence of mankind, communication, healing of mankind.

The competition” was successfully completed at ST. Andrews Catholic School in Nairobi.

Kenyan, Kajiado County artist Esther Mukuhi said in a video of a congratulatory message to children participating in the competition, saying, “Children are our future and hope, please protect their love for peace.”

Another art expert Combo Julius who also attended congratulated the event organizers and children for participating in the event.

One winner for the grand prize, one winner for the 2nd place, and three winners for the 3rd place will be awarded scholarship and a certificate.

 The work selected for the grand prize at the Kenyan competition will be sent to Korea, where the headquarters is located, to compete with the grand prize winners from all over the world. The awards ceremony will be held in October this year.

The competition was sponsored by the Jeonbuk branch manager, Yeo Mi Hyun, of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG).

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