PAFID Plant Trees in Ilmotiok village Narok

By Nancy Masit

PAFID has planted trees in Ilmotiok village Narok aimed at improving forest cover in the country.

PAFID is a nongovernmental organization registered with NGOs coordination Board in 2005 and its mandate is to improve food security, nutrition and incomes of smallholder farming communities in Kenya by advancing Climate Smart Agriculture techniques and encouraging their adoption and works in conjunction with Farm to Market Alliance (FTMA) which is a consortium of six organizations (AGRA, BAYER,RABOBANK, SYGENTA,WFP AND YARA) with a joint of making markets work better for smaller holder farmers.

FTMA promotes the growth of viable smallholder business model through strategic and hands –on partnerships.

In Kenya FTMA is working across 12 counties and PAFID is training smallholder farmers, private and public sector actors in both climate Smart Agriculture covering five main value chains and Agro Forestry.

 Antony Kweyu Nyongesa said that everyone should plant trees in an organized way that is proper planting and friendly to the environment and should plant which provide nutrients to the soil.

He added that conservation Agriculture is of great importance and this should be exercised where you plant crops without ploughing the land.

Kweyu donated 200 seedlings to Ilmotiook residents where they planted a few in chief’s camp and donated the rest to the farmers.

The chief officer for environment, Energy and natural Resources Obadiah Rono encouraged the farmers to take the initiative and implement the same in their farms.

Obadiah said that when farmers exercise good farming practices, they get bumper harvest. He said he will ensure that farmers challenges will be addressed by the county government and referred to the Moi slogan where you plant two trees when you cut one.

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