ODM war after Lenku joined, MP Memusi won’t support him

By Our Reporter

Kajiado Central Member of Parliament Elijah Memusi has said Kajiado County governor Joseph ole Lenku will not automatically get ODM Party supporters votes after joining the party.

The ODM MP’s statement comes a day after Lenku joined the party and was received by party leader Raila Odinga who is also a presidential candidate under Azimio la Umoja.

Raila stayed away from the debate if Azimio will have one candidate in August polls.

“Jubilee iko hapo na ODM ni marafiki , tuko kwa boma ya Azimio ndani ya boma kuna nyumba nyingi. Watoto wakienda kucheza asubuhi watarudi kwa boma, hakuna mvutano tuko pamoja shabaha letu ni kubadirisha uongozi,” Raila said.

The party chairman John Mbadi said they will ensure Lenku emerge the winner in the August polls.

Memusi disagree with his chairperson saying Lenku was voted by Kajiado People but not parties, “We will not elect you because you have joined our party ODM from Jubilee Party, we had already made our decision on who to support,” Memusi told Lenku.

The MP said in Azimio rally that was held in Kajiado KCB grounds attended by Raila,he requested the party leader to allow both aspirants Lenku and Nkedianye in the ballot, the incumbent refused he said Kajiado is for Jubilee Party.

“Am requesting president Uhuru and Raila to award Lenku a cabinet secretary position, let us try him again since he has failed in leading the county,” he said.

Memusi pointed out that the governor is not honest on the reason why he left Jubilee party, the MP said Lenku wanted a direct ticket only to be informed that the party has to hold nominations.

Lenku said he has listened to people and they have directed him to join the ODM party, he is confident he will emerge victorious.

He noted that he joined ODM to strengthen Azimio and will deliver 20 MCAs positions out of 25. ODM has eight MCAs positions and one MP Memusi, Jubilee won majority seats.

The governor defected with several leaders among them MCAs Kaputiei North Ward Joshua Olowuasa (minority leader) who was elected on Wiper Party and Nkaimurunya Ward James Waichanguru (Majority Party Whip) who joined the assembly through Jubilee Party.

The governor’s decision to join the party has also seen aspirants decamp from ODM to Jubilee among them Francis Kaesha MCA Sholinke/Oloosirkon who was elected through ODM.

His rival former governor David Nkedianye said the incumbent feared to face him in party primaries, he said he will be sent home even if he joins any party.

ODM has eight elected MCAs position out of the 25 and one MP Memusi, Jubilee won majority MCA seats, governor, senate, woman representative and four MP seats out of the total five.

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