Ngong, Oloolua residents demand a share of Kimuka water

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado North sub county wards representatives have requested Governor Joseph ole Lenku to channel Kajiado West, Kimuka water to residents of Kajiado North.

Oloolua ward representative Martin Njogu who attended a funeral service of David Chege in Oloolua Ward said the water residents have scarcity of water since it was diverted to Kajiado West.

Njogu said the water springs in Oloolua and Ngong have gone dry due to Standard Gauge Railways tunnel that diverted the water to west.

The MCA said the locals are suffering and the governor should save the situation, he also demanded Chinese mining in Veterinary farm to give CSR to locals , he said no one has benefited from the mining since the materials are used in constructing of roads in other regions.

“Our people have never benefited from the Chinese mining in Vet when you talk with them they pretend there is language barrier,” Njogu said.

Rongai MCA Mwathi Pere said the governor should also appoint a manager who is a resident of North and understands problems facing the consumers to lead Oloolaiser Water Company.

Nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo said the governor should handle the water issues the same way he has handled the Loitoktok water issues whereby he appointed the manager from the area to lead their water company.

The governor did not respond on the Oloolaiser managerial issue he instead said he will ensure the residents water issues are solved.He said the water in SGR tunnel was not intentionally diverted but it was through gravity and will act on the issue.

He noted that the whole county has water challenges and Kiserian dam is not supplying enough water due to siltation problem.

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