Ngong butchers: We own Ngusso slaughterhouse land

By Obegi Malack


Ngong Butchers Co-operative Society Limited members have rubbished claims that they grabbed 13 acres land in Ngusso trading centre in Kajiado East Sub County.

The members led by their chairman Moses Sironik said they have documents of ownership. Kajiado County Government and National government departments had issued them with documents to go ahead with construction of a slaughterhouse on the land.

The county had issued a notice of 60 days in the Gazette Notice No 8688 of 24th August 2018 and Daily Nation of August 10th 2018 requesting anyone with any representation or complaints on the construction of the Ngusso slaughterhouse to present the complaints, but no one objected. Their plan of putting up a slaughterhouse on the piece of land was approved by the then county council of Olkejuado .

According to purchase agreement the group purchased the land from late Josiah Kisoso in the year 2007 at Sh400,000 and transfer was done on 26/02/2008 original owner of the land was former clerk of Olkejuado council Albert Leina.

The members in a presser held after a protest by locals claimed  their land had been grabbed and their property destroyed.

The protest started after the county government moved to fence off 2,500 acres; the locals did not allow the fencing claiming the land is community land.

Kajiado resident Kambusi ole Pakini was also a victim his property was destroyed. The locals had also claimed he had acquired his 10 acres illegally.

Pakini said he has documents showing that is the true owner of the land, he claimed the locals were misled to destroy his property.

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