Narok South residents embrace peace after clashes

A group of women protesting against killing of an 18 year old boy in Narok. Photo Bell Pere

By Bell Pere

Residents of Olooshapani and Olorwasi in Narok South Sub counties have resolved to live in peace after they were involved in deadly clashes.

The residents told a National Steering Committee on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution that they regretted their acts that led to the killing of eight people, seriously injuring 15 others and torching dozens of houses.

Ms. Lucy Mekenyu, a resident of Olooshapani area called on the elected leaders to be on the front line in bringing the Kipsigis and Maasai communities living in the area together.

She called upon the two communities to expose criminals who hide amongst them saying few wicked persons among them were the cause of tension in the area.

Denis Langat, a 13-year-old boy who was pictured at the frontline of the war is now a reformed boy.

He promised to take his education seriously and called on the parents to educate their children for a bright future.

The young teenage boy who addressed the forum vowed to educate his peers on the need for unity saying conflict only results to bloodshed and hatred.

The committee led by retired politician and a former Speaker of the National Assembly Francis Ole Kaparo asked the residents to desist from incitement by the politicians who provoke them to  war only to sit back and watch as they kill each other.

Kaparo also cautioned the two tribes living in the area that despite of their differences, the country would continue moving forward, leaving them alone on the losing side.

A stern taking by Narok Peacekeeping Chairman Joseph Pareyio asked residents to ignore politicians from outside the area and only listen to locally elected leaders who understand their issues better.

He observed that lack of peace can destroy the economy as people have no time to engage in constructive business.

Mr. Pareyio said it was God’s will for the two communities to live as neighbours and reminded them that they would remain together despite the fights.

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