Narok County to benefit from newly tested acaricides

By Nancy Masit

Narok County is set to benefit from new acaricides being tested in Shankoi ward Ololua village in Transmara West Sub County.

Dr. David Mwangangi who is the director of labs in Kenya said misuse of acaricides in terms of dipping frequency and low concentration of the acaricide to livestock has resulted in tick resistance, hence the need to identify new acaricides which are effective against ticks.

Mwangangi noted that  the director of vetinary services is working in collaboration with the veterinary medicine directorate  in testing a new acaricide for registration and the process involves use of cattle infested with ticks in a natural environment.

“Once the process is completed in a period of one month, the field results are analyzed and once a specific acaricide passes the threshold of killing the ticks upon spraying of animals, the acaricide is recommended by the DVS for registration by medicine directorate,” he explained.

He further lamented that there is a lot of tick resistance to acaricides due to acaricide misuse among livestock farmers in Kenya especially the small holder farmers and urged farmers to follow strictly manufacturers’ guidelines in order to reduce or eliminate occurrence of tick resistance to acaricides.

Dr. Josphat Kiama who is the Head of Vector control unit in Kabete noted that Narok West, was designated a place of acaricide testing because it has all major disease causing vectors like ticks.

“We will collaborate with Narok County government to collect the ticks from the livestock in different parts of the county and test them with various acaricides so that we can identify the best acaricide to use in control of ticks,” he stated.

Kiama said there is need to do tick survey across the county so as to determine which is the best suited acaricide to be used, adding that this can be achieved when ticks are collected from animals and followed by laboratory testing upon subjection to different acaricides.

Narok County county Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture, Hon Everlyn Koiyan welcomed the whole initiative saying that the right acaricides used in livestock will prevent ticks and ensure the livestock will remain healthy.

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