Narok County Govt seeks solutions to climate change

John Marindany, Narok County CECM for Agriculture, livestock and Fisheries


The CECM for Agriculture, livestock and Fisheries Mr. John Marindany has applauded officials from International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) for support in seeking solutions ro climate change.

 He said that after people were moved out of Mau forest rainfall increased and there was a lot of pasture. He said livestock farmers as resutlt livestock farmers increased production.

He said that it was important for farmers to be made aware of different climatic changes through climate study so that they can know when to plant and harvest their crops.

He said noted that through sensitization on different value chains that is maize, beef, milk and local chicken the farmers will be able to boost the economy of Narok County.

He concluded by saying that climate change is real and that there areas like Melili where it rained hail stones which was almost 4 feet and destroyed all farm activities and this affected all the farm produce like maize, potatoes, peas and cabbages.

Mildred Ada Achieng who is the Agriculture and Environment Economist said that the climate risk profile is being done in 14 counties among them is Narok County.

Achieng said that the climate change risk profile is developed to guide planning and implementation of the National Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) to inform county governments and stakeholders on the risks and opportunities presented by climate change so that they are able to integrate these issues in their development plans and processes.

She further said that it will be used as a basis to climate proof other Agricultural and related projects and to provide information on current climate and possible future climate scenarios for the county and identify climate related vulnerabilities and risks for major Agricultural value chains , vulnerability factors and adoption options that address climate risks.  

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