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Ruben Mbatian representative of persons living with albinism Narok County. Photo Bell Pere

Narok Albinos urged not to hide, go for sunscreen lotions

By Bell Pere

Ruben Mbatian Narok County representative for persons living with disability including albinism, has appealed to persons living with albinism in Narok County to come out of hiding and receive sun screen lotions.

He said the lotions are almost expiring at Narok County Referral Hospital shelves.

The lotions which were purchased by the County Government are been offered for free to persons living with albinism.

According to the Maasai culture has forced people living with disability to go into hiding for they believe an albino is a cursed person therefor a taboo.

“People living with albinism are either hidden or forced into hiding by a section of the community as they are regarded to be a taboo, yet it’s a condition,” he said.

He further added that the sunscreen lotion would help albinos prevent skin cancer caused by direct sunlight.

“Because we lack melanin in our skin that prevents harmful rays emitted by the sun, we are at risk of getting cancer,” he noted.

He has also appealed to the County Government to provide an oncologist at the County Referral Hospital in order to educate people living with albinism on how they should take care of themselves.

“The County Government needs to hire an oncologist and also provide long sleeved T-shirts, sunglasses and hats for our people,” he added.

Special sunglasses that are expensive, a shirt and a hat  that goes for Sh1,000 are some of  the items people living with albinism require but can’t afford.

Narok is estimated to have over 150 albinos, but only 50 have come out to receive the sunscreen lotion.


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