MP’s photo at 14 Riverside elicits mixed reactions

By Obegi Malack


Picture of Kajiado North Member of parliament Joseph Manje donating blood to victims of Tuesday’s 14 Riverside terrorist attack has evoked mixed reactions on social media.

The picture that was first shared by MPs office staff member and later shared by his associates has created a debate on whether the picture would have been shared or not.

It was first shared with caption, “Hon Manje has condemned with strongest terms the cowardice act of terrorism at Dusit Hotel’.

He was among the first Kenyan who donated blood to help the victims. He pleaded with Kenyan’s to volunteer and donate blood.

A Facebook user Muroki Gathuka said: “…Hon Manje is my friend but he should have left the camera behind…Not every opportunity earns you a political bonga point.”

Another user José Ndwaruh Gicheru  said, “Just buying legacy, do it and leave it out of camera, let him constitute a bill whereby the government can put an emergency fund for occasions as such, his donation can’t save as much as the fund can.

Politician Beutah Maroko added that the post was a poor way of doing public relations.

Facebook user Brian Mbugua defended sharing of the picture he said kindness should be encouraged good deeds should be shared to inspire others to do the same.

Purity Nimusa said, “The MP is a public figure and being spotted by camera was inevitable…Predetermined political hate won’t allow some to differentiate an act meant for charity and politics.”

On Wednesday morning president Uhuru Kenyatta said the operation ended at 9:30 AM and all the terrorists had been killed, 14 innocent lives were lost during the attack.

“We have dealt with the threat and showed the world that we are ready to deal with any threat to our nation. I commend the civilians who look out for one another,” he said.

According to police statement, there were five gunmen killed by Recce Squad and the suicide bomber who blew himself up during the Tuesday blast.

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