MP Tobiko makes gains in quest for governor

By Our Reporter

Kajiado East Member of parliament Peris Tobiko has made gains in her quest for governor position in Kajiado County after getting several politicians abandon their parties for UDA party

The politician took several aspirants to Deputy President William Ruto among them Juliana Katimwa, John Kongo, Daniel Ndeti, Ole Ngilu and Andrew Nyangwansa.

The politician still maintains her ground in Kajiado East with gains in other regions such as Kajiado North. The UDA party has maintained that it will have a free and fair nomination and no one will be awarded a direct ticket.

Tobiko has maintained if elected she will ensure water is a priority issue to be solved, the locals especially in Kajiado North have been facing water challenges due to disconnection of electricity to troubled Oloolaiser Water Company, the MP noted that the company is facing challenges because of the current leadership.

The MP said Kajiado county government receives Sh10 billion every financial year from the national treasury but the money has not been put to proper use.

During Nkaimurunya Traders fundraising Tobiko said is the most preferred aspirant because of her performance, she has received several awards as the most performing MP in Kajiado County.

Tobiko challenged her counterpart form Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje to be cautious on his pact with former governor David Nkedianye.

The MP who does not mince her words said the former governor will ensure his deputy (Manje) is powerless, noting that the situation has been witnessed in other counties across the country.

“As an MP you still have time to think twice on the decision you made, you people kicked out Nkedianye because of certain issues but is now using Manje, he is the same person is our past and am the future of our county,” she said.

Tobiko insisted the pact will not last and the MP should go for the top position if he wants to be in top leadership.

In an interview with County Press Manje denied that the former governor will make him powerless, noting that they are in good terms, he said their assignment will be improving living standards of the residents and there will be no disagreement.

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