MP Manje submits cosmopolitan recommendations to BBI taskforce

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje has submitted constituents Building Bridges Initiative recommendations to BBI taskforce Secretariat in Nairobi.

The recommendations were presented during a public meeting in Ongata Rongai hotel; they were not included in Maa proposals that were presented to the BBI taskforce in Narok stadium.

The MP said the cosmopolitan people request for equitable representation and distribution of resources.

Opinion leaders from the cosmopolitan region had proposed to have communities share top leadership positions in the county level, they proposed those seeking for gubernatorial positions in the 47 counties to have other communities as their running mates.

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ngโ€™eno also submitted recommendations on behalf of the people of his constituency; he supported the cosmopolitan people proposals leadership.

โ€œThey proposed if governor is from Maasai community the deputy governor should be from another community, there should be equitable distribution of resources,โ€ Manje said.

The constituents also proposed population of the region to be used in sharing of county resources. More personnel and resources should also be channeled to Municipalities in one man one shilling formula. The county has been allocating equal funds to each Ward.

The attendees also proposed for official languages to be used during public and official meetings. Those born in the county should also be considered as indigenous community.

They also demanded increase from 30 per cent to 40 per cent of jobs for other communities.

In Maa proposals presented in Narok allocation of resources should be based on geographical parameters; status of development and historical marginalization, One Shilling-One Kilometer formula should be used.

Maa leaders want Maa counties and constituencies to be protected in the constitution both in elective representation and self-determination, they want top positions to be preserved for Maa people.

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