MP Katoo Promises Women 30% of County Hustler Fund if Elected Governor

By Obegi Malack

Kajiado County UDA Party gubernatorial candidate MP Katoo ole Metito has promised to empower women when he gets elected as governor.

Katoo who was speaking during Kenya Kwanza Women Forum in Kajiado County said his government will allocate sh 20 million( County Hustler Fund) for every sub County, 30% will go to empowerment of women.

The MP said he will ensure traders are also given conducive environment to do their businesses

Hawkers and other small traders will be allowed to carry out businesses without  payment levies for six months.

` In the current  government traders are told to pay sh 50 everyday, doesn’t matter if they have sold items or not,’  he said.

The MP noted that some of the money paid by the traders end up in pockets of  individuals and they don’t get services in return, garbage is not collected on time.

The politician said the six months will be  for research if the county can operate without  traders levies.Traders should benefit from government services since they pay livies.

In health sector he said his government will ensure the hospitals have medicine and NHIF to every person.

` The challenge in our County is medicine not personnel our medics are qualified, the county introduced Mbuzi moja we sold our goats but haven’t benefited,’ he said. The MP noted that Kenya Kwanza alliance has promised women half of cabinet positions among other.

The forum was attended by women leaders MPs Peris Tobiko,Alice Wahome, Gladys Solei,Janet Teiyaa, Soipan Tuya Mary Seneta(nominated senator) among others.

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