Men challenged to support women to get leadership positions

By Obegi Malack                                                                            

The International Women’s Day was celebrated in Kajiado County with men urged to support women to get into political leadership.

Kajiado County Woman representative Janet Teiyaa who was the chief guest called on men to support women, she said women are facing a lot of challenges especially in the county.

“Men can abandon their families but women cannot, women are strong people we should celebrate them,” she said.

The women leader said in order for women to join politics the women must be ready to face all the stereotypes, they may die before their time.

Kajiado North sub county Assistant County Commissioner Bathseba Osiemo urged parents to ensure girls are enrolled in schools to be great leaders of tomorrow.

The event was organized by The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

In Kajiado County Assembly no woman has been elected to the assembly since devolution was launched, they were all nominated, the first Maasai woman to be elected in MP position is Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko who is now vying for governor.

Kajiado North and West Youth officer Thomas Moses said through Uwezo fund a lot of resources have been given out to young people and women.

They have been able to fund in Kajiado North Constituency 217 women groups with total of Sh 17.3 million and West 238 women with a total of Sh 15.5 million.

The women groups carry out projects such as poultry keeping and Ushanga initiatives.

“They have been able to pay a substantial amount of money to support their projects,” he said.

Kajiado North sub county medical officer of health Dr Marion Mokira said there are many challenges women are facing in health such as gender-based violence, the county will continue improving services in facilities to ensure cases reduce.

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