Memusi: We support Uhuru war on corruption

By Gideon Nkoyo

When Kenya is on its peak on fighting against corruption that has been witness at several ministries, Kajiado Central Member of Parliament Elijah Memusi came clearly that he is supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta on this agenda on fighting corruption without favor of anybody within the government.
Memusi further said lifestyle audit to all Government and politicians is a mandatory since some senior government employeeโ€™s have accrued wealth in unknown ways and itโ€™s necessary for them to be audited to answer where they got money from for a short period of time.
Memusi was speaking recently at Nalepo Purko Ward Kajiado Central during the inauguration of assistant chief Mary Maren. He urged Kajiado County Governor Joseph ole Lenku to ensure senior county employees present themselves for lifestyle audit.
Governor Joseph ole Lenku who was also present says he is also on top in fighting corruption and he assured county staffs that they will not tolerate any kind of corruption within the county offices. He added by congratulating women of Maa community that they were people who are on top doing great things in the society like against lavish land sell and this why theyโ€™re getting leadership like this of chiefs.
Other leaders who are presents are Kajiado Central Deputy County Commissioner Charles Wambogo, Helen Nkaisery who urged local women to form group so that they can benefit with the program of Ushanga Kenya Initiative.

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