MCA opposes construction of sale yard in Oloseos

By Obegi Malack


Kajiado county government will build a sale yard in Oloseos, Keekonyokie Ward to decongest Kiserian town.

The World Bank had donated Sh 20 million for the construction of the yard on a 20-acre agricultural land.

Kajiado West sub county administrator Bishop Moses Meeli said the sale yard market is mainly for sale of livestock. He said the slaughter of the animals will still operational in Kiserian town.

He said the county government also plans to decongest the town by upgrading markets; it has already put up modern market that will be occupied by more than 600 traders.

The modern sale yard is expected to open up the Olosios centre; it will lead to upgrading of roads for better transportation.

The county had also implemented laws of weighing of animals before sale for sellers to get right price for their animals.

Keekonyokie Ward representative Moses Saoyo has differed with county government and accuses it of trying to kill Kiserian slaughter houses businesses. He said Olosios is far from Kiserian town and people will be forced to open slaughterhouses near the sale yard killing business in Kiserian town.

“I will not allow County Government to move Kiserian town sale yard to Oloseos agricultural land. Talk of the expense of transportation of the animals to Kiserian, that is a move to kill kiserian town slaughter house by few selfish people who are against the Kiserian slaughter house owners,” he said.

Saoyo says the land is 400 acres and was donated by five families and they have gone to court due to disagreement. He wants the World Bank Ksh 20 Million diverted to Kisamis, Birika or Oltinka towns.


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