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Magadi road to be upgraded to dual carriageway

By Our Reporter

The Government is planning to upgrade Nairobi-Magadi highway into a dual carriageway.
The section to be expanded includes the ever busy 27- kilometere Bomas-Kiserian-Corner Baridi Road.
The other corridor earmarked for elevation is 14 kilometre Bomas-Karen-Dagoretti Market Road.
Through a notice, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has asked the public to present their views on the planned projects in the next 30 days.
“The proposed Bomas-Kiserian-Corner Baridi Road starts at Bomas of Kenya, runs in a South westerly direction through Ongata Rongai, passes through Kiserian and terminates at Corner Baridi,” the notice read in part.
This proposal by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) to have two roads dualled will ease traffic between the capital city and the Kajiado and Kiambu counties.
From the city centre, vehicles always snake across the entire 20 kilometres through Lang’ata Road up to Bomas, then into Magadi Road and on to Rongai town, leaving motorists frustrated for hours.
In 2012, the State expanded Lang’ata Road into a dual carriageway from the Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters to the Bomas junction. However, Magadi Road, which connects the Bomas interchange with Rongai, is a single carriageway, which has failed to deal with the high volume of traffic.
Meanwhile, (KeNHA) will demolish structures constructed along the Magadi Road reserve to ease traffic congestion common between Ongata Rongai and Kiserian
Speaking after holding several meetings in Rimpa, Kiserian and Rongai to sensitize residents on the importance of road reserves, a senior KeNHA official Antony Mugo said a year’s notice the authority gave had expired and buildings encroaching on road reserves will be demolished.Businesses too will not be spared in the exercise that will start from the Bomas of Kenya turn-off to Magadi town.

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  1. Peter R Githinji

    As all notices of one year and one month have expired we the residents of Ronga, Kiserian and Corner Baridi are very much waiting for this Start as this dual is a necessity for the fast progress of these arears as the population has overpassed and many want to start factories and now with SGR in the scene this is the place to be.The matter is very urgent

  2. Long, long overdue! Going to and from work from Kiserian is unbearable! Please begin already!

  3. Muriithi Mwangi

    The need had been felt for ages. As tax payers, we deserve better infrastructure which will save time and increase productivity. Rongai is a sleeping giant which only needs better roads to wake up.

  4. It will be welcomed by all of us the road is pathetic

  5. This is long overdue.

    However, as with the Thika Super Highway, it is a half-researched project. Most of the traffic on Magadi Road is caused by bottle necks starting at Masai Lodge made worse by all the feeder roads that drain or empty traffic onto Magadi Road in Ongata Rongai. These roads are too narrow most often than not forcing vehicles looking to exit Magadi Road to wait for those coming from the opposite direction to exit first before they can exit the main road and into the feeder road. This holds up the flow of the traffic creating enormous traffic. These feeder roads are too narrow and need to be widened allowing for two lanes for ease of flow of traffic. The kwale stage and the two tuskys are also a huge headache as they developed the stores without adequate allowance for parking. They either provide for alternative and adequate parking or they move.
    Therefore, as much as the expansion of the road is a wonderful and grandiose project for the growth of this vibrant region of Kajiado county, as it will lead to opening up the area for the huge potential it holds in terms of setting factories and other enterprises, not to mention real estate growth, I feel that the entire road network should be reviewed as well.

  6. The over forty tuk tuks that have for some years now been blocking Masai Lodge junction in the name of a stage now need to be properly located.
    They always cause a serious gridlock and endanger free flow of traffic, yet their services are essential as here is where all commuters alighting matatus from town connect to their various locations in the interior using the tuk tuks. They were initially only a minor inconvenience but with their exponential increase they have now become a serious menace to road safety as they park in doubles and triples on the narrow Masai Lodge/Magadi road junction, blocking almost all of it and endangering all movement, foot and vehicular.
    They badly need a permanent stage even if it means for the county government to institute compulsory acquisition of private land somewhere near there for this purpose.

  7. A case of poor priorities that seem highly questionable!

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