Lenku is riding on my projects, Nkedianye says

From right former Kajiado County Governor David Nkedianye, MCAs Lucy Wachuka, Onesmus Ngogoyo and Nkaimurunya (Soko Mjinga) market chairman James Gachie during traders’ prayers day . Photo Obegi Malack..

By Obegi Malack


Former Kajiado County governor David ole Nkedianye has said the current Kajiado regime has performed poorly and should be sent home in 2022.

Nkedianye who attended Soko Mjinga traders’ prayers meeting in Nkaimurunya Ward said the county government has neglected Kajiado North Sub County in development.

The former governor alleged that the ruling regime was behind demolition of Soko Mjinga market and a toilet his government had built.

“They lied to you claiming I abandoned you, if you look around I had done many projects which they now claim they initiated,” Nkedianye said.

He said governor Joseph ole Lenku should be voted out since he has failed to implement what he had promised electorates. He called on the traders to vote him back in 2022.

Soko Mjinga Chairman James Gachie said the traders have lost a lot since the demolition of their market, he noted that they have not benefited from the ruling regime.

Lenku during his recent visit in Kajiado North where he opened PCEA Ongata Booth Girls High School accused Nkendianye of blocking development in the region.

The governor said he is behind several projects initiated in the region.

“In the past regime you were not recognized as citizens of Kajiado, you were not getting fair representation in bursaries and employment, it is no longer the case now,” Lenku told the residents.

The county is putting up a market in the ward for the traders but some of them had claimed the building can only accommodate few traders.

Nominated MCA Washuka Mathenge who has expressed interest in vying for Women Representative position told the traders not to move out of their working area before a modern market is put up.

“We have been sidelined more by the current regime comparing to the past regime and most of you had voted for those in power,” she said.

Onesmus Ngogoyo who is vying for Kajiado North MP seat in “Hustler Movement” said the current governor is behind challenges facing the county, the MCA said he will campaign for Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito in gubernatorial position.

Gubernatorial aspirants are now scrambling to get votes in the North region which commands majority votes, no politician from the region has expressed interest in the top position.

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