Lenku grant charter to Kitengela Municipality, former employees claim is “only on paper”

By Our Reporter

Kajiado governor Joseph Lenku has granted charter to Kitengela Municipality and unveiled the Municipality’s first board which he says marks the end of the First Phase of the journey to transform rapidly growing Kitengela town.

He said fruits of the already existing Kajiado and Ngong’ Municipalities are there for all to see.
The governor said with the municipality, feeder roads leading to the new SGR station shall be upgraded to ease movement to the station and encourage use of SGR as an alternative means of transport.

“We shall partner with our neighbor, Machakos County, to design and implement an Intra-city road network between Athi River and Kitengela towns to encourage and facilitate more residents to commute to the city by rail. This will reduce pressure on Mombasa Road and the Athi River-Mlolongo stretch,” he said

However, the launch has seen criticism from his former employees gubernatorial candidate Peter Nganga says the new municipality will not be functional if is not given full autonomy.

He calmed the county government of Kajiado owes him one-year allowances. The independent candidate was a board member in Ngong Municipality, he says the municipality was not independent and is controlled by the executive.

Nganga says they were not involved in projects funded by World Bank, he also claimed the municipality had no control of finances allocated to them since board members were not involved.

The two Municipalities Kajiado and Ngong are under Kajiado County Department of land,
Physical Planning and urban Development.

Ngong municipality manager Parsimei Gitau had resigned and is now vying for member of parliament in Kajiado North constituency.

During MPs debate the candidate said municipality lacks autonomy and independency it is managed by the executive, he says this has delayed major development in the two municipalities.

The county had defended itself claiming the municipality is working according to the law and board members were doing their roles as stated by law.

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