Kajiado Security team withdraw defiant traders operation licenses as 13 cops are nabbed in drinking spree


In awake of raft  measures by the  government to curb the spread of Covid -19,Kajiado security team has withdrawn 25 business licenses owned by defiant traders found to have ignored government directives.

Recently,the government has outlined stringent  measures to curb the spread of deadly virus including closure of clubs,hotels among other hygiene measures but some unscrupulous traders have  seemingly turned a deaf year.

In an impromptu security check in Kajiado,Isinya and Kitengela towns- some traders were found to have  ignored the directives in totality.

Among the businesses their licenses were withdrawn were several nightclubs,two hospitals,several restaurant and dozen wine and spirit outlets among others.

The hospitals were found with no water neither sanitizer while the clubs were found entertaining patrons in closed doors.

Kajiado county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha said the security team has invoked public health act to withdraw the licenses.

“We won’t tolerate greedy traders in expense of our people.let the unscrupulous traders know the security team is on higher alert to curb the spread of Covid- 19.Re-applying for licenses with be painful to them,” Said Nkanatha.

Mr Nkanatha said his security team has placed spies in all satellite towns in attempt to root out traders who are defying government directives.

The security officers have been combing the towns dispersing more than three people gatherings and encouraging members of public to observe one meter social distance.

Meanwhile, thirteen police officers serving in different police stations in Kajiado County will face disciplinary action after they were caught by their seniors in drinking escapades recently.

The thirteen defiant officers were nabbed in a crackdown led Kajiado intergovernmental multi agency emergency committee meant  to avert  any possible spread of  contagious Covid-19 virus.

The crackdown was prompted by public outcry over police officers defying government directives.Some of the pubs are  said to be owned by police officers.

Seven officers were found in Mashuru town in a closed club in a drinking spree accompanied by  civilian revelers.

Others were nabbed at Namanga,Maili Tisa and  Simba cement towns within the vast county.

According to an eyewitness the officers had been locking themselves inside the clubs demanding for a “protection” fee for regular resellers interested to join them.

Kajiado county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha acknowledging the unfortunate incidents said  the defiant officers will face disciplinary action.

He warned government officers bestowed with the responsibility of implementing government directives to curb covid 19-virus spread against bedding th law.

“Any officer who will be found culpable of ignoring the directives will face disciplinary action including sacking,”said Nkanatha.

However, revellers have found other clandestine means to ensure they are not kept away from their bottle.

In Kitengela for instance,it is a common trend to see dozen cars parked along Namanga road with owners partying in a group.Kitengela pubs owned by cops is said to be the biggest set back to the fight against Covid-19 spread.

The dozen pubs operates secretly in utter disregard of the law.

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