Kajiado Police Housing Project White Elephant

Infrastructure and Transport ministry CAS (L) talks with Government Artiitecture Mr Kabugi Muriuki when inspecting stalled police housing project . Photo Abdi Hussein

By Abdi Hussein

Kajiado  town Sh120 million police housing project that stalled three years ago has subjected police officers to deplorable living conditions.

The mega low cost housing project was scheduled to be complete in January 2017, but its completion currently stands at 75% in one wing and 25 % in the second wing respectively prompting the government to raise the alarm.

Construction work began  the100 modern units comprising bed sitters, one to three bedroom units with the aimed  of providing decent housing for police officers.

Infrastructure and Transport Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Wavinya Ndeti  when inspecting the project recently  in an impromptu visit issued a three monthโ€™s notice to the contractor to complete the project.

Ms Ndeti said :”It is sad the contractor was fully paid but is yet complete job.โ€

She added that other new projects will be commissioned by the ministry before completion of the existing 46 police housing projects that are ongoing countrywide.

“We demand value for money in all Government projects. The project ought to provide our police officers with decent houses,โ€ she added.
According to government architecture in the ministry of public works, Mr  Kabugi Muruiki, the polystyrene technology aimed at cutting housing cost by up to 50% has faced major hurdles due to lack of sufficient workmanship skills.

Mr Kabugi however says there is hope of a breakthrough as building materials are currently being manufactured locally.

Government decision was informed by lack of sufficient rental houses in Kajiado town with police officers hard hit as only a few shared houses that were available.

Kajiado County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha lauded  the project saying up to five police officers are sharing a single unit.

Nkanatha said some officers are forced to rent house at far away from their work station causing inconveniences.

“The police service officerโ€™s convergence between regular and Administration officers came with the housing crisis. Most officers do not have accommodation. Let the contractor move swiftly to put his house in order,”said Nkanatha.

Once complete, the four storey houses designed into two flats standing within Kajiado police station  compound will be rented to senior police officers at affordable rates and ensure decent living for the officers.


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