Kajiado North will be a battle between Ngogoyo of UDA & Parsimei of Jubilee

By Our Reporter

Kajiado North Constituency which is the leading Constituency in number of voters  in Kajiado County has attracted largest number of candidates vying for Member of Parliament position .

The area MP Joseph Manje’s will not be in the ballot,he is Jubilee Gubernatorial Candidate Dr David Nkedianye’s running mate. The decision of the MP not interested in retaining his seat increased the number of candidates wanting to take the position, there are now 16 candidates.

The MP has not publicly endorsed anyone for the position and his political meetings has attracted most candidates. The meetings have turned to be war of words and physical fights among supporters.

In a recent meeting in Ngong Ward supporters of one MP candidate were stoned in what seemed like supremacy war among candidates.

During a CDF bursary meeting in Nkaimurunya Ward police were alerted and provided heavy security in the meeting after some of the candidates hired  supporters to prevent opponents from speaking.

When he addressed the gathering the MP  maintained he has not endorsed anyone and urged every candidate to look for his votes.

The MP’s failure to directly endorse anyone has seen majority of the candidates join Nkedianye’s camp and expecting endorsement making it difficult for governor Joseph ole Lenku to make steps.

In a meeting in Nkaimurunya Manje directed voters to elect someone who is educated, if he is supporting Parsimei Gitau of Jubilee this increases chases for Jubilee Party nomination positions, allowing all candidates in his event was trying to pull crowds using neutral card. The candidate receive support from all Jubilee MCA candidates in the constituency.

Jubilee Deputy Party leader Peter Mositet says they are supporting Parsimei.The former senator says the candidate has proved he can perform due to his contribution in many projects in the county.
He was actively involved in most projects in North,such as tarmacking of Gataka Road and others roads ,besides world Bank projects.

Majority of people in the cosmopolitan constituency vote parties, the battle has always been between two parties ruling party and opposition party. In 2013 it was TNA vs ODM and 2017 it was ODM vs Jubilee. The entry of UDA Party now makes it among major parties in the region. Candidates joined the three parties in numbers seeking nominations other small parties issued direct tickets. In the region less than 5% of the total population attend political meeting and have been in touch with the candidates.

The battle for the MP position has  narrowed to the two candidates Parsimei and UDA’s Onesmus Ngogoyo, this is after NARK Kenya candidate Martin Kimemia dropped his bid and announced his support for Parsimei. This was a boost to the Jubilee candidate with support from the party HQ. A meeting had been held with Azimio running mate Martha Karua who gave an okey to have her candidate out of the race.

Parsimei has been Manje’s main competitor , during a by election after death of Prof George Saitoti the candidate was a threat to Moses Sakuda during TNA nominations this forced TNA to have  Manje accept to drop his bid for MP and support Sakuda.
He again lost nominations in 2017 which he said were rigged and vied in GNU, he had more than 14,000 votes and took the third position, in 2017 he vied as Independent candidate after he lost in nominations and garnered 4,634 votes, he was again number three behind ODM’s George Mocheche who had 22,415 votes. Manje won with 63,595. Other candidates got less than 3,000 votes. The constituency has a total of 134,880 voters from 127,953 in 2017.

Parsimei had resigned from Kajiado town Municipality and was handed a direct ticket by Jubilee Party after a committee selected him as best candidate through consensus. His opponent Roimen Leiyan accepted the out come, another  candidate Stephen Mositet dropped his bid in favour  of him,while Sankok Teeka protested and is now vying as independent candidate and supporting Lenku.

If Azimio put their votes in one basket Parsimei will definitely be the next MP. In history of Kajiado North politics there has never been any other strong party apart from the opposition and ruling parties.

Parsimei will be facing nominated MCA Ngogoyo who has been an MCA for ten years now. He won UDA Party nominations. His rival Andrew Nyagwansa decamped to Azimio after he lost the nominations claiming it was rigged he is now vying as an Independent candidate.  This is the third time is vying for the position in 2017 he managed 820 votes when he vied through ANC Party.

Ngogoyo was elected in 2013 in TNA Party Olkeri Ward and later nominated by Jubilee Party after he lost his seat.

The youthful politician enjoys support from all UDA Party MCA candidates and DP William Ruto. He will definitely get a block of UDA Party diehard supporters. He is also enjoys support of governor candidate Katoo ole Metito.

The party has maintained that voters should vote for all candidates in UDA Party. Azimio Coalition has majority votes in the county and if Ngogoyo gets votes as a block and Azimio divides votes he will definitely be the next MP.

The party will also get majority MCAs if Azimio candidates divide votes in cosmopolitan regions

ODP Party candidate is George Yogo he  won ODM nominations. His opponent Solomon Kinyanjui petitioned his win he lost the case and now supports Jubilee candidate.Yogo has been in confrontation with incumbent governor Lenku who he accused of supporting his opponent Teeka.

The candidate had a handshake with the governor after Party officials held a meeting with the two. The handshake didn’t last for long ,during Azimio rally in Kajiado North headed by Raila Odinga and Martha Karua the governor introduced Teeka and ignored Yogo.Most candidates from his party does not support the MP candidate but he will be among the top candidates due to party diehards. Oloolua Ward and Ngong ODM candidates support Teeka, Nkaimurunya Ward candidate has not endorsed him.

Teeka is among top contenders but his choice of vying as an Independent candidate will definitely cost him since most people vote parties. He has spent alot of resources branding himself.

Other candidates who have been doing serious campaigns in the constituency are Paul Kibathi( PPK) who has vied before and lost. He had missed two crucial MP debates and analysis points out that he will miss votes from middle, rich and those who do not actively participate politics

Captain Paul Gichinga(KANU) has also been in the race before.The soft spoken politician has also spent alot in branding himself with billboards in the towns.

Environmentalist Anita Soina 22 years who is the youngest candidate has also held serious campaigns mostly focusing on young people. She advertised on mainstream media and newspapers. Her party has offered her support required for any politician. Her passion for environment has given her a platform to interact with many leaders in Kenya and globally.

Mylline Anunda of Usawa Party whose party leader Mwangi Wa Iria joined Azimio recently is also among women leaders seeking to occupy the position,she vied for MCA in Nkaimurunya Ward in 2017. With background of law studies she worked in late Prof George Saitoti’s office.

Another candidate in the race is Senteu ole Kina( Independent)who is a former councillor.

Others are Henry Mbote (PNU),Lucy Njenga(DAP-K) , Karen Wambui(TSP) Jane Muthoni (PDU) and Dennis Leyian (CCK).

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