Kajiado North residents could be eating donkey meat

By Obegi Malack  


Kajiado North residents have been warned to be careful on the food they are taking after two donkeys were slaughtered in Ongata Rongai and their meat taken away.

The donkeys were stolen from a compound and slaughtered in a farm in Umoja road on Monday night.

Samwel Njiru owner of the donkeys said he left the animals in a rented compound only to be called by his daughter that they were missing.

The compound is not guarded and the thieves got easy access, he says they must have surveyed the area before stealing the animals.

“ I sell water using the donkeys , I do not know what next this is a big blow to my business,” he said. He added that three months ago they also slaughtered others in the town.

He had lived in the area for three months , selling water and making a profit of between sh 500 to sh 1,000. No one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Umoja Road Residents Association Chairman Edward Teka  said cases of insecurity have increased in the area.

He said two cases of mugging were reported few weeks ago in the area, the road has no streetlights and is very narrow.

The resident said the county government should upgrade the road and put-up security rights. Some residents have also encroached the road reserve making it inaccessible .

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