Kajiado Central villages marooned by flash floods

Torosei residents repair road after the bridge was washed away by floods recently

By Abdi Hussein

Several villages in Kajiado Central  subcounty, Kajiado County, continue to bear the brunt of ranging flash floods that have left residents stranded.

Heavy rains pounding the area recently have resulted in flash floods that have washed away bridges making several roads impassable.

Residents of Torosei and Olongosua villages have been unable to access nearby Ilbissil town to buy foodstuffs and other necessities. They have been temporarily locked out and are now fearing for the worst.

Their only access roads have been damaged by floods and bridges washed away. On may 9th residents who were in Ilbissil when it started raining were forced to spend the night in town and those who had attended Torosei market  did not make it home.

They spent the night in their vehicles near the  washed away bridge.Women were the worst affected especially those with little children back at home.

“We spent the night in our respective vehicles shivering as the rain continued. We could not turn back to Torosei as the murram  road was impassable. Our children spent the night on an empty stomach,” lamented Jane Kores.

Dejected residents say their livelihood is at risk blaming the relevant authorities for poor roadwork networks in the area.

“This has been a trend during rainy seasons. Our villages are cut off from nearby Ibissil town where we can access medical care and foodstuffs. We are not sure how our children will  be accessing their respective schools if the rains continue,” said Mbukoki Sonto, a resident.

They want the County Government to improve the road infrastructure in the area saying they have been neglected for sometime.

Currently the residents cannot transport milk to the collection centre and they fear for the worst if it continues to rain.

Attempts to reach County CECM in charge of road department Alex Kilowua for a comment were futile.

Several villages in Magadi fear their homes will be marooned by flash floods in case the rains continue.

During the rain season residents living in lower regions are always advised to move to upper grounds to avoid deaths associated with floods.

Last year more than 10 people were killed by floods and properties destroyed in the entire county. Kajiado North, Central and Kajiado West bore the major brunt of the floods.

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