Joy as group ranch gets title deeds

Kajiado county Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho issue a copy of title deed to Eselenkei Group Ranch Chairman Mr Oloshaiki Maai recently. Photo Abdi Hussein

By Abdi Hussein

Some members of  Eselenkei group ranch in Kajiado South have received the first batch of title deeds after a long wait.

Some 321 members received their title deeds ahead of a further 3689 titles that are expected to be issued upon completion of the ongoing subdivision.

For many years Eselenkei group ranch members had demanded that the land be subdivided to enable them to develop their own portions of land and for proper planning.

The subdivision had experienced many false starts until members collaborated with officers from the Ministry of Lands and county government officials to carry out a non-contested exercise.

Ranch chairman Oloshaiki Maai said the process was smooth and has brought to an end simmering land conflicts among the members.

“The exercise was transparent, ensuring each member got the right acreage and we are now hope our members will develop their pieces of land independently and land conflict will come to an end,” said Mr. Maai.

Members lauded the initiative saying they can now access financial institutions for loans using the title deed as their collateral.

Kajiado Lands Office Registra Paul Tanui was tasked to assure the title deeds issued are authentic to allay fears that members could be short-changed by the ranch management.

“My office has carried out due diligence and certified the title deeds issued are original and genuine, said Tanui.

Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho lauded the exercise, saying it will root out land fraud and restore public faith in the ministry.

“We commend the Ministry of Land for digitizing the land registry because, over the years, our people have been swindled their lands by unscrupulous land dealers,” said Moshisho.

He cautioned residents against selling their pieces of land carelessly and becoming squatters in their own ancestral lands.

“Getting your title deed must not be a permission to dispose of your ancestral land and it is high time our people stop selling land for borrowed lavish lifestyles,” he added.

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