Isinya police smash gang terrorizing businesses

By Abdi Hussein

Police in Isinya Sub-County have dismantled an armed robbery gang that has been terrorizing Kitengela investors recently.

The detectives working on a tip off have managed to nab two notorious suspects and recovered some of the stolen merchandise after a series of robbery incidents.

An armed gang of 10 members has been unleashing terror, raped women and stolen properties of unknown value in a series of night attacks.

The suspects posing as customers have been approaching the facilities’ management for accommodation only to turn on them and loot everything.

In diverse dates, the gun totting robbers have managed to rob Olerai hotel, Erkeju resort and Laetoli resort within Isinya. Two more major hotels in Kitengela Township have also been affected.

Laetoli resort manager Peter Muasya said the robbers approached the management for accommodation around mind night before they turned against them. They broke into all rooms ransacking for valuables.

“They turned on us after one of them booked a room. Brandishing pistols and crude weapons, they harassed employees before they tied our hands and locked us in the laundry. They stole everything movable and counter stock in an ordeal that lasted for four hours. We lost more than Sh 1.5 million in properties,” said Muasya

Area Police boss Kinyua Mugambi said the officers have been able to dismantle to robbery racket that has caused untold pain to Kitengela hoteliers. Mugambi said they are trailing other suspects.

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