Is Oloolua Road the worst road in Kajiado North?

By Obegi Malack


Oloolua Road which connects Oloolua Centre and Ngong town is one of the worst roads in Kajiado North Sub County.

None wants to associate himself with the road, several protests by locals against Kajiado County Government and National Government have not bore fruits.

Last year locals had also organized demonstrations in Oloolua Centre, protesting over the pathetic muddy road.

After the protest Oloolua Ward MCA Martin Kimemia defended himself claiming the protest was politically motivated and it achieved nothing; he said the protestors should have raised the issues with the right office.

Kimemia said the road was managed by the National Government before it was handed over to the county government and the budget had already been passed. Adding that after the protest he raised some amount to grade it and the county provided a grader. He said the Ngong Municipality had also prioritized murraming of the road.

One of the protestor politician Sophie Katamboi said the protests were not about the MCA or MP but it was for the county to ensure the road is upgraded.

Ngong Activist Shadrack said the road is yet to be fixed after several protests, vehicles transporting children to school are always stuck, he said the Ward has been neglected and the locals are not getting fruits of devolution.

Last year during handing over of hospital equipment to Oloolua maternity locals challenged deputy governor Martin Moshisho to ensure the road is upgraded for patients to access services from the new health centre.

John Sigorei said the county has failed to ensure the road is accessible even after paying levies. He said locals will not benefit from the new maternity if the roads are not fixed; the facility is yet to start operating.

Moshisho had promised to provide a grader to improve the road as they look for other alternatives.

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2 thoughts on “Is Oloolua Road the worst road in Kajiado North?

  1. OMG! This cannot be in Kajiado North and if it is, local leadership has failed. Why neglect residents this way?

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