Illicit brew consumption in Kajiado goes down after govt intervention

By Andrew Walyaula

Consumption of illicit and outlawed brew in Kajiado County has drastically reduced.

This comes in the wake of the intense government’s efforts to curb local illegal brew consumption in the area.

Recently Kajiado County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha launched a 30-day Rapid Response Initiative (RRI) to mitigate the high usage of illicit liquor and other substances in Kajiado County.

The initiative followed the nationwide crackdown against illegal brews which was launched by the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i that required the Regional and County Commissioners to lead the operation in their respective jurisdictions.

NoonKopir area Chief Kahiga Karuri confirmed to The Metropolitan Shopper during an interview that there had been reduced cases on illicit liquor.

“My office has not been receiving cases of illicit brew. We urge members of the public to inform us of any such cases, if there is, so that we can act,” the area chief said.

NooKopir residents said that the youths had plunged into taking “chang’aa” and other contraband liquor that had caused them to look useless in the society.

“We used to see many youths drunk 24/7, after spending the little income they got from their hustles on Chang’aa,” one of the residents said.  

According to him, the government’s crackdown helped a great deal to mitigate the illicit brew consumption.

“The operation has had significant impact. However, there are still a few rogue brew operators who are still selling Chang’aa secretly and we hope the long arm of the law catches up with them soon.,” the resident said.

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