ILEPA trains Narok Chief Officers on enhancing indigenous livelihoods

Dr Joshua Shankil Chief Officer Department of Trade and Industrialization – Narok County

By Nancy Masit

The Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA) has conducted a successful training forum for the Narok County chief officers.

Florence Syevuo, the country co-ordinator for sustainable development goals Kenya forum noted during the training that the new constitution ensures recognition of the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity which outlaws discrimination, confers affirmative Action for women’s rights to participate in elective and appointive bodies.

 It proposes that not more than two of either gender should be appointive or elective bodies, ensures equal rights to citizenship for women and men, protection for women in relation to motherhood , pregnancy and equal rights in marriage, she added.

She noted that in Article 27 of the Kenyan constitution, women have right to equal treatment with men, including the right to equal opportunities in political, economic and social activities.

Syevuo pointed out that women are also to be accorded the same dignity of the person as men, they have equal rights to inherit, have access to and control property where any law, culture , custom or traditions that undermine the dignity, welfare , interests or status of women is prohibited.

Mr Ken Oluoch who is the technical lead for sustainable development  goals strategy at the Council of Governors said that the transition strategy was formed in 2016 where SDG development context was met that is planet, prosperity, peace and partnership and was widely discussed .

Ken said that 14 counties are supported on SDGs and Narok county is one of them and is being supported on performance contracting, where sensitization and support in evaluating performance management is done by capacity building.

He added that as part of follow up and review mechanisms, the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development encourages member states to , “conduct regular and inclusive reviews of progress at the national and sub- national level s which are county-led  and county- driven.”

According to Mr Kimaren Ole Riamit, the team leader ILEPA which is a non-governmental organisation,  they liaised with Narok County Government to give training to all chief officers on how to implement projects and activities at the county.

He added that ILEPA tries to do sustainable projects like in Maji Moto. They have constructed a maternity ward where women give birth safely and that has improved child mortality rate and death of women during birth.

He said that ILEPA has build an education centre in Maji Moto where all  age groups gather information. There is provision of free internet where the Maasai community have benefited a lot and they dug a water pan in Enkutoto so as to quench the persisting thirst of water.

Newton Mbaima the Chief for youth said that the youth should be empowered by creating alternative job opportunities where they can earn directly like shoe shining, beadwork, weaving and selling products like sweets.

He also said that youth should be trained in youth polytechnics and vocational centres.

DrJoshua Shankil who is the chief officer for trade and Industialisation said that there should be at least one tree nursery in every school where they are issued with tree seedlings so that deforestation will not occur in the county.

“ ILEPA should create awareness among livestock keepers so that they can sell livestock at the right time due to price fluctuation,” he observed.

Mr. Obadia Ronoh said that conservation of water will be done across the county and Madam Grace Mugo chief Officer for Agriculture said food security has been improved where the farmers will be given seedlings of cabbages and tomatoes in all the six sub counties.

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