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I will auction your trespassing livestock, Magufuli warns Kenyans

By Kurgat Marindany.

President John Pombe Magufuli has said his government will take legal action against those who trespass into Tanzania in search of pastures for their livestock.
He also said Tanzania authorities will also auction the livestock.
He said this after his government auctioned 1, 305 heads of cattle belonging to Kajiado Ilkisonko Maasai in October.
While touring Kagera province, Magufuli said Tanzania is not a livestock farm for a neighbouring state, adding that he will auction all animals that crosses to the country.
“Tanzania is not a grazing land for our neighbour, and this is why we have decided to auction livestock trespassing into our country,” the president said.
Reacting to Magufuli’s statement, Governor Joseph ole Lenku termed “shameful” the Magufuli’s way of handling cross-border issues.
In a related case, all the ten Kenyans detained for more than 13 days were released after a court in Arusha fined them TSh1 million each for being in the country without valid documents.
Lekarokia ole Nangoro, a Kenyan respected elder from Loitokitok, told one of the dailies that he was in Arusha when they were released after paying the fine.
At the same time, Tanzanian authorities at the Namanga border confiscated 6, 400 one-day old chicks valued at Tsh12 million on allegations they had bird flu burnt.
All the chicks were burn alive in the presence of Tanzanian police in November.
Kajiado East Constituency MP Peris Tobiko, in her reaction, dedicated a brief moment during a burial ceremony to pray for Tanzania president, to repent his ‘sins’ and change for the good of his neighbours.
“Because of cordial relation between Kenya and Tanzania, I don’t wish to condemn Magufuli for his unwarranted actions but to seek heavenly intervention for him,” she said.
On the killing of 300 cows on November 1, in Laikipia, she claimed police officers involved were acting for NRM in sabotaging the country’s economy in support of the opposition.
“I am a Jubilee supporter, but when the right of my people is trampled upon, I will stand up with them and demand for justice. What have we wronged those around us?” posed the MP.
Other leaders including Kajiado deputy governor Martin Moshisho, county assembly speaker Johnson Osoi, and MCAs Joshua Olowuasa and Moses Saoyo, said they will strive to sabotage Tanzania’s economy by refusing to allow farmers in that country sell their products in Kenya.
They spoke during the burial of Isinya businesswoman Lucy Mareru.

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